Tree Fund: 2024 Tour de Trees

June 10, 2024 /

Tree Fund: 2024 Tour de Trees

Tour des Trees, is an annual (about 30 years) fund raising ride of the TREE (Tree Research and Education Endowment) Fund. This year, it will begin in Stamford, CT, cross Rhode Island, loop Martha’s Vineyard, skirt southern Massachusetts and end in Providence, RI. The TREE Fund awards tree research grants, gives scholarships, and funds educational programs – all in the name of trees.

David Gordan of the Indiana Chapter is organizing a Team ASLA, and is encouraging Landscape Architects to join the ride (and team), and have a presence in the event. Registration for the ride is now open.  A few details:
This year the route is about 425 miles over 5 days of riding. It is challenging and geared for serious riders who’ve done some training.  It is a very well organized event. Accommodations are in hotels. Plentiful food and snacks are provided. Two mechanics and two masseuses are with the group. Participants are very well taken care of.
Number of riders varies – but is typically 40-80.

Riders can participate for only part of the ride (one or two days?) if desired. All riders are required to raised funds. Full riders are to raise $3700. One day riders – $1300. Otherwise, the cost to participate is only $100.

While Team ASLA is supported by the Indiana Chapter, it is not an activity of national ASLA, though it has been a past financial supporter of the TREE Fund.

If you are interested in participating, please contact:
David Gorden, FASLA (past Indiana Chapter Trustee)

You can view the event page here.

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