ASLA-NY Scholarships

ASLA-NY awards the following three scholarships annually:

ASLA-NY Equitable Public Urban Space Scholarship

Award: $5000

Deadline: February 1

The New York Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA-NY) established this scholarship to support future leaders who will strive to make living in urban environments more equitable, healthier and enjoyable.  ASLA-NY encompasses the five boroughs of New York City, Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island, and Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange and Rockland counties.

The award is open to currently-enrolled undergraduate or master’s students studying landscape architecture at Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board (LAAB) accredited programs in the United States. To be eligible, the applicant’s university must be within the ASLA-NY Chapter boundary*, or the applicant must be a permanent resident of the Chapter boundary, or must have graduated from a high school within the ASLA-NY Chapter boundary.  Applicants must be U.S. citizens and have a minimum “B” grade point average (2.5-3.5).

Candidates must demonstrate a commitment to and interest in equitable design of the public realm including:

  • Their approach to academic or real world public projects,
  • How they attempt to reflect the breadth of public needs and culture,
  • Organizations they may have worked for that contribute to the public realm,
  • Related volunteer activities,
  • A unique approach to equitable urban public space design as described in their essay and supported by their recommendation letters,
  • Creative methods of public participation in the design process as demonstrated in their work samples, or
  • Other ways that the candidate can make the case for their passion for equitable public space design.

Candidates are evaluated based on:

  • Clear response to essay question (40%)
  • Creativity in approach to design (30%)
  • Quality of writing (20%)
  • Proven volunteer efforts (10%)

Applications are made through the Landscape Architecture Foundation.  CLICK HERE to apply

Donate to the ASLA-NY Equitable Public Urban Space Scholarship

To contribute to the ASLA-NY Equitable Public Urban Space Scholarship, you must make a donation through the Landscape Architecture Foundation and indicate that your donation should be applied to the ASLA-NY scholarship in the “Why do you support LAF? field.  Please note that you must make this notation in order for your donation to be directed to the scholarship fund.  Click here to donate.

ASLA-NY Student Scholarship for Second Year Student at CCNY MLA Program

Award: $2,000

This scholarship is awarded to a Student Member of the ASLA who achieves the second highest grade point average in the class.  The student should be entering their third year of the MLA program at CCNY.

Contact: Hannah Borgeson at CCNY,

ASLA-NY Diversity Scholarship

Amount: $1500 (one award)

Deadline: April 15

The ASLA-NY Diversity Scholarship is awarded in conjunction with the Spitzer School of Architecture to a City University of New York (CUNY) undergraduate student entering into City College of New York’s Spitzer School of Architecture Master of Landscape Architecture Program. Preference will be given to minority students graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture, but all disciplines of study will be considered.

The student must complete a 500 word essay:

Essay question (250-500 words): How do you hope to use landscape architecture to promote diversity and equity in the public realm? Please use examples, if any, of your own engagement in community activism.

Contact: Hannah Borgeson at CCNY,

Scholarship Winners

2024 ASLA-NY Equitable Public Urban Space Scholarship

Ximena Photo


Ximena Diaz Velasco is a Mexican-American artist and second-year Master of Landscape Archi tecture student at the City College of New York. She was born in Pachuca, Mexico, and grew up  in York, Pennsylvania, after immigrating to the United States at age five. As an artist, Ximena uses  acrylics and watercolors to depict colorful natural realities she has experienced across cultures. 

Before pursuing her graduate degree, Ximena spent four years working with NGOs and govern ment agencies and organizing community action, seeking to reduce barriers to public spaces  such as libraries and national parks for under-resourced communities. Ximena’s undergraduate  studies in international development and social change at the George Washington University laid  the foundation for her commitment to social and environmental justice.  

Through the lens of her lived experiences and learned perspective, Ximena is growing as a land scape architect focused on designing multi-species community-managed spaces, emphasizing  design and build processes that prioritize place making and social change, and inspiring healing  connections. 

Previous winners:
Savannah Wright (2023)
Jeana Fletcher (2022)
Casey Breen (2021)
Natalie Galarza (2020)
Anna Speidel (2019)
Hana Georg (2018)
Rivka Weinstock (2017)
Ruth Nervig (2016)

Recipients of the ASLA-NY 2024 Scholarship Award:

George McCracken
Christopher Martinovic

Recipient of the ASLA-NY 2023 Diversity Scholarship:

Musa Matiwane

Previous Winners:

Michael Shepard
Miguelina Portorreal
Nafisa Nusrat Iqbal (2017)
Garrett Ray (2016)

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