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Carolina Jaimes, ASLA

Managing Director USA
Enea Landscape Architecture

Education: I have a bachelor's Degree in Architecture from Los Andes University in Bogotá Colombia and a master's in landscape architecture from Florida International University in Miami

For the last 18+ years Carolina has been practicing simultaneously in the fields of architecture, interior design and Landscape Architecture in prestigious offices in the United States, Switzerland, and Colombia. She is the Managing Director of Enea Landscape Architecture in the US overseeing the Miami and New York Offices.

In 2003 she received her bachelor's in architecture with honors from Los Andes University in Bogotá Colombia. In spring 2011 she completed her Masters of Landscape Architecture at Florida International University in Miami. Her academic and professional work has been showcased and awarded for excellence in design at a national level for Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Carolina’s Master’s thesis was recognized by the American Society of Landscape Architects with the 2012 Award of Excellence in the General Design Category, the project was also exhibited at the 7th European Biennale of Landscape Architecture in Barcelona, Spain. Her professional work expanding from Brazil to Beijing has been recognized with national and international awards.

Her experience, along with her interest in natural and built environments have given her a unique perspective and technical skills to approach each project she is involved in. Her awe and curiosity for the natural environment (which are rooted in the exuberance and natural and cultural diversity of the land of the Magical Realism, her native Colombia,) and its effect on people have become the subject of greatest interest in her career.

Huadu Bulgari Beijing; Copyright HGEsch

Huadu Bulgari Beijing; Copyright HGEsch

Matallana Residence, Bogota, Colombia; Copyright Martin Rütschi

Oceana Bal Harbour, Miami; Copyright Martin Rütschi

  Private Garden, Barranquilla, Colombia; Copyright Martin Rutschi

What is YOUR story? What led you to a career in landscape architecture? When did you realize you wanted to become a Landscape Architect?

As an architect, I was always looking for a more sustainable way of building. If I go back to my work as a student my thesis project for architecture was the first hint that my interest was in the "unbuilt" in the "voids" rather than in the buildings/filled environments. But in 2008 during the crisis, I found myself with the time to go back to school for my master's and that's when it clicked, I saw the landscape programs and the subjects were so captivating to me, In Colombia Landscape is not a profession, is still a specialization so it was the first time I was being exposed to it. I fell in love and redirected my career at age 33 to embark on the journey of a Landscape Architect. It's the best decision I ever made. It brings me so much joy and a sense of purpose.

What project or work that you have done at any point in your career are you most proud of and why?

I'm incredibly proud of both my bachelor's and master's thesis, they represent who I am, and what I love and value, but to see a project built after years and years of work is such a rewarding experience. So one of my first international projects being built, the Huadu development in Beijing has to be up there. I learned so much during the 4 year span of the project from concept to completion in such a complex environment.

What is your favorite outdoor space in the greater NYC area and why?

Brooklyn Bridge Park and Four Freedom Park are 2 of my favorite spots. I use the Brooklyn Bridge park on a weekly basis as our office is very close by and the monumentality of Four Freedom Park is so special, I go in every season and take anybody who visits me! I feel is a secret gem.

What do you do to de-stress, relax or escape?

I run, do yoga, and do kickboxing to de-stress and I enjoy traveling to relax and escape

Where do you go for inspiration or what do you find inspiring?

Traveling is a major source of inspiration for me, the process of discovering a new place; nothing beats traveling for inspiration. Also just being surrounded by nature, a Botanic Garden, a park, and a good book describing places I get to invent in my head

What do you value most about your membership to ASLA?

To be able to connect with passionate like-minded people and have the opportunities to further my knowledge through the educational sessions offered

What else do you want people to know about you?

I'm a Licensed Landscape Architect in the states of New York and New Jersey and working toward my licensure in Florida. I believe is very important to bring that level of commitment to the profession. I lead a team of 25 between the NY and Miami Offices and I always encourage the team to pursue licensure.

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