2014 Honor Award

Landscape Architectural Design

West Point Foundry Preserve

Landscape Architect:

Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects

Project Team:

Scenic Hudson
Ghd Consulting Engineers
Li/Saltzman Architects
Liam O-Hanlon Engineering
C&G Partners
Badey & Watson Surveying & Engineering
Frederick P. Clark Associates
Hartgen Archeological Associates
Slocum Consulting
Ecosystems Strategies
Image(s) @ Elizabeth Felicella
@ Putnam History Museum


About the Project:

Nestled on the edge of the Hudson River at one of its most topographically dramatic junctures, the 87-acre West Point Foundry Preserve exists today as an accumulation of ongoing events in the landscape. This National Register property was the site of a Civil War artillery foundry and ironworks, later a patchwork of emerging ecologies, adjacent to a Superfund site, and most recently a treasure of industrial archaeology. Now an interpretive park and preserve, the West Point Foundry Preserve invites new pedestrian use by the public while embracing ongoing ecologic and cultural evolution. Through incisive design interventions, visitors to the park participate in an active and informed experience of this accumulated landscape.