2014 Honor Award

Landscape Architectural Design

Native Plant Garden: New York Botanical Garden

Landscape Architect:

Oehme Van Sweden & Associates

Project Team:

H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture
Langan Engineering
Robert Silman Associates
Cms Collaborative
Pine & Swallow Environmental
James Gainfort
Darrel Morrison
E.W. Howell

Image(s) @ Jim J Pinto

About the Project:

The Native Plant Garden is a cutting-edge, 3.5-acre installation with a dramatic 230-foot-long water feature as its centerpiece with a promenade of broad boardwalks made from black locust, and intimate paths which lead visitors through a range of micro-climates, from the shaded woodland to the dry, open meadow and lush wetlands featuring over 70,000 plants. The garden has as its framework a dramatic set of heritage oak trees and is bursting with native trees, shrubs, ferns, grasses, and wildflowers, confirming that native plants can be as magnificent as their exotic counterparts more commonly used in traditional gardens. A covered outdoor classroom pavilion offers a venue for school groups and others to learn about native plants and the birds and insects they sustain.