2014 Merit Award

Un-Built Projects

Design The Edge: Hallets Cove

Long Island City, NY

Landscape Architect:

Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects And Planners, PLLC

Project Team:

Tishman Hotel Coporation
Cosentini Associates
Arc Light Design

Image(s) @ Elizabeth Felicella

About the Project:

Hallets Cove echoes with stillness: behind its chain link fencing, an abandoned radio platform and rickety wooden catwalk stand empty in the mud; a spilled concrete platform balances on decaying piles; shallow water laps against the quietly rusting shopping carts and cast-off bicycles. But to the north and south the area teems with life: on weekends and holidays the air rings with the smacks of basketballs and the shouts of residents of the next-door housing project playing and relaxing, picnicking in the sun, and taking in views of Manhattan and boats on the river. Design the Edge Hallets Cove reinvents this half-acre of waterfront as a vibrant community asset, focusing on restoring the local ecology, accommodating waterfront activities, and restoring connections between the street, the water, and the area’s residents.