2015 Merit Award

General Landscape Architecture Design

Gotham West

Landscape Architect:

Thomas Balsley Associates


About the Project:

Gotham West resembles many of NYC’s newest residential developments in that most residents will be young, hard (and late) working professionals transplanted from places afar. This landscape strives to enhance their new city living experience with three distinct spaces that feel like home; each with its own character and program.

A zen-like garden court provides verdant, glowing, and colorful escape from the days (or nights) work or journey. Hovering above like a crow’s nest, the 2nd floor amenity terrace with fireplace extends the gym lounge and overlooks the garden. High above the city and river views, an urbane “sky terrace” exploits its dramatic views and hosts any number of social events. Together, they represent “home” and have provided the means to connect with each other and their spiritual existence in the busy, anonymous city.