2014 Merit Award

Un-Built Projects

Deconstructed Salt Marsh – “An Eco-Educational Pier”

Jersey City, NJ

Landscape Architect:

Scape / Landscape Architecture, PLLC

Project Team:

Bart Chezar

Image(s) @ Elizabeth Felicella

About the Project:

The Deconstructed Salt Marsh proposal explores the opportunity to repurpose an existing yet collapsed pier as a learning laboratory for waterfront habitat and as a tool to generate civic engagement that will serve jointly as a host for science experiments for local ecologists. The Pier is currently in a state of decay and has fallen into the water, generating an “accidental” intertidal habitat, which is rare in an urban context. Un-built and un-funded, the proposed project is intended to provoke a public dialogue about an approach to the redevelopment of this site, highlight the values of inter-tidal habitat in the New York Harbor, and to explore the potential for integrating soft edges, scientific study, community engagement and educational programming into the urban landscape.