2015 Honor Award

Cove Co-Habitat, Sag Harbor, NY

Landscape Architect:


Project Team:

Kate Orff

Elena Brescia

Lanie McKinnon


About the Project:

This residential landscape in Sag Harbor, New York departs from the typical Hamptons vernacular in favor of an ecological vision that integrates native plants and wildlife habitat together with spaces for human use. After the owners approached the landscape architects to restore the 1.7 acre peninsula property, which was overgrown with invasive plant species, such as phragmites reeds and ailanthus trees, the landscape architect worked closely with the client to develop an invasive plant management plan, reintroduce native plantings, and reconnect the site ecologies while creating a place for the young family to enjoy. The site was re-organized to celebrate the its inherent beauty and to carve out functional spaces for relaxing, entertaining, and engaging with nature. The restored coastal landscape also maintains soft edges and reintroduces native flora which in turn creates bird and wildlife habitat, and encourages the growth of mussels at the shoreline.

Project Location

Upper Sag Harbor Cove, Long Island, NY

Project Purpose

To revitalize an ecologically sensitive waterfront site through invasive plant management and reintroduction of native species.

To fold in year-round bird-friendly plant species to provide forage, cover, and shelter for migratory birds.

To create a residential landscape that embraces the needs of the clients and their young family while supporting plant and animal species biodiversity.