National Competitive Research Grants from The ASLA Fund

National Competitive Research Grants from The ASLA Fund

The American Society of Landscape Architects Fund (The ASLA Fund), a 501(c)(3) organization, invites academic ASLA members or non-members to develop succinct and impactful research reviews that investigate evidence of the benefits of landscape architecture solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises.

The research reviews will be publicly accessible via the ASLA website. The reviews will aggregate the most relevant and credible peer-reviewed evidence for landscape architecture and nature-based solutions that:

  • increase the resilience of communities and natural systems to climate impacts
  • reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon sequestration
  • conserve and restore ecosystems and increase biodiversity
  • improve water quality and management

Academics will examine research from a range of relevant disciplines, including scientific disciplines, and third-party verified data from projects led by academic and professional practitioners in landscape architecture or that involved significant contributions by them.

The goals of the research reviews are to:

  • Understand and summarize the current state of knowledge.
  • Synthesize the research literature and provide  insights, leveraging key data- and science-based evidence.
  • Create accessible executive summaries in plain language for policymakers, community advocates, and practicing landscape architects.

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