Landscape Architecture, Media, and NJASLA

December 13, 2021 /

Landscape Architecture, Media, and NJASLA

Frederick Law Olmsted is rightly remembered as an eminent landscape architect, but in 1861 it was his work as a journalist and an administrator that brought him acclaim.” (New York Times)

That’s right, even Olmsted knew the power of journalism and media to advance the causes he would champion, particularly his antislavery views. This year, at the New Jersey Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (NJASLA) Annual Meeting, the theme is “The Legacy of Olmsted: Landscape, Advocacy and Communication”. This theme recognizes the accomplishments of Frederick Law Olmsted beyond the landscape, including his commitment to advocacy in the public realm and as a journalist. The various education sessions, both in-person and virtual, explore this same multi-disciplinary approach as landscape architects work towards defining the built environment for a better future.

So, how do we take cues from Olmsted and others to use media platforms to advance the profession of landscape architecture? Land8 will be moderating a panel entitled “Expanding the Reach of Landscape Architecture Through Media” that will present media, journalism, and advocacy as tools to promote, encourage, and advance landscape architecture. Olmsted utilized journalism to grow his influence and advocate for the ideas he championed, and landscape architects today can use an even wider media ecosystem to promote their work and engage in topics that are important to them. The panel will explore best practices in media relations and discuss the developing trends for content that media outlets and audiences want to view. Further, the panel will challenge landscape architects to raise their voice, promote their work, and become involved in issues that affect their practice and the health and safety of their communities and planet. Whether it’s advocating for the use of native plants, fighting for social justice, or anywhere in between, the panel will demonstrate the imperative for landscape architects to use their design and their voices for change.

The panel will be moderated by Matt Alcide, editor of Land8 with panelists Jennifer Reut, Editor of Landscape Architecture Magazine; Ren Miller, Editor in Chief of Design NJ; and Inga Saffron, journalist and architecture critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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