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Marketing/Business Development Manager – SWA/Balsley

Posted: Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Marketing/Business Development Manager is responsible for successful internal marketing support and productive external business development efforts. The ultimate purpose of the Marketing Manager’s work is to help his or her office systematically win more and better work.

Experience: Ten or more years of experience with design marketing coordination, marketing communication, and/or public relations—preferably within the landscape architecture, architecture or urban design fields or related not-for-profit or civic organizations.


  • Demonstrated ability to think conceptually and pragmatically about marketing issues and carry out logical, prioritized projects and activities to build connections and relationships for the leaders and new business leads;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills;
  • Graphic design basics and demonstrated skills with Adobe Creative Suite, particularly InDesign;
  • Ability to work on an independent basis with various personalities, skill sets, and work styles;
  • Networking and message management skills, as demonstrated over the phone, via email, and especially all social media platforms.

Education: BA or BS degree; education or comparable experience in design, marketing, practical marketing project management, communication, and graphic design training desired. Landscape Architectural, Architectural or Urban Design education or experience with related advocacy or non-profit organizations (agendas related to parks, park planning, urbanism) is a plus. Non-profits include ULI, The Trust for Public Land, The Cultural Landscape Foundation, ASLA, APA, Waterfront Alliance, MAS, Van Alen Institute, etc.

Attitude/Approach: A positive, “can do” attitude and willingness to see important tasks through to completion. Passion and educational/prior experience in design and dedication to the mission and design professionals. Strong sense of personal initiative and responsibility. Ability to work with other people in the firm in a collaborative, respectful, service-minded manner.


1) Actively Identify New Opportunities

  • Closely follow all news, events, and people in the urban planning and parks realm and provide weekly and monthly updates to the studio principals and SWA Group.
  • Network (online and direct) with industry not-for-profit or civic organizations and other design firms to learn of new opportunities, including potential participation in the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS).
  • Review and follow up with IMS, industry publications or other possible lead information sources. Send marketing or invitation packages to active participants in the news.

2) Lead and Manage Effective Office Response to RFQs/RFPs and Interview Preparation

  • Manage the processes, materials, and strategies needed to successfully respond to RFQs and RFPs to get shortlisted.
  • Organize and lead RFP teams, interviews and proposals.
  • Provide RFQ/pre-positioning research on behalf of office principals and associates.
  • Ensure that SWA/Balsley is part of the invitation and bid lists of key municipalities, agencies, universities, competition advisors, etc.
  • With principals and associates assistance, provide proposal strategies, teaming and writing as well as graphic assistance.
  • Oversee quality control of RFQ/RFP responses in the office.
  • Assist specific teams with interview preparation and presentation development as needed.

3) Provide Proactive Support to Individual Principals in Carrying Out Principal-Level Business Development

  • Meet regularly with office principals to understand targets of interest.
  • Conduct research to identify contacts based on targets of interest.
  • Help to connect principals with targets of interest via networking, setting up speaking engagements and introductory visits, events, and marketing communication.
  • Keep track of where principals are traveling and coordinate appropriate new business or PR meetings in those locations.
  • Coordinate with affiliate SWA studios, contacts and pursuits
  • Participate with affiliate SWA marketing calls and retreats

4) PR Coordination

Coordinate and help identify all office and principal’s PR opportunities and activity with the SWA/Balsley PR personnel or outside firms.

The Marketing Manager will report to, and be reviewed every six to twelve months, by studio principal(s) overseeing marketing efforts.



Commensurate with experience

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New York, NY

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Nicole Giangregorio

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