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Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) – Climate Resilience Intern

Posted: Wednesday, February 7, 2024

About the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES): Our mission is to secure a safe and stable climate by accelerating the transition to a thriving, just, and resilient low-carbon economy. We are widely recognized as an influential voice on climate issues, a trusted convener, and a credible source of expertise and analysis. We work closely with international climate negotiators; federal, state, and local policymakers; executives of Fortune 500 businesses; and a wide range of other stakeholders to advance strong policy and action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote clean energy, and strengthen resilience to climate impacts. C2ES is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization.

Our organizational values: We are ambitious and practical, advancing effective solutions that push the boundaries of the achievable. We are open-minded and inclusive, seeking out and considering a wide range of voices, views, and approaches. We are people-focused, dedicated to improving human well-being and recognizing that respect and empathy are central to success. We are one team, working collaboratively, communicating openly, making ourselves accessible to each other, and treating one another with kindness and respect.

Job Summary

The C2ES Climate Resilience Intern will work directly with the Senior Manager of Climate Resilience Programs and Policy, the Director of Climate Resilience and Sustainability, and program staff to assist with short-term and long-term research projects and stakeholder engagement related to community climate resilience.

Businesses and governments at all levels are preparing for the increasing physical impacts of climate change and are eager to uncover new solutions for community resilience. The C2ES Resilience Intern will have the opportunity to contribute to the C2ES Climate Resilient Communities Accelerator initiative and study aspects of resilience planning in close collaboration with C2ES’s resilience experts.

Potential research topics include local and federal policy (wildfire and heat resilience policies, agency grantmaking, regulations, etc.), community resilience hubs, equity, economic development, and public private partnerships as they relate to climate resilience. The specific area(s) of research will depend upon the intern’s background and interests.



Major Responsibilities:

    • Conduct independent research and analysis on one or more resilience policy topics (for example on wildfire and heat resilience policies, federal agency grantmaking, regulations; community resilience hubs; equity; economic development; public private partnerships), with supervision provided by C2ES resilience experts.
    • Contribute to staff research and analysis of resilience topics, for example by attending and reporting on events related to resilience or tracking and assessing the current landscape of local and private sector action.
    • Support outreach and engagement efforts to develop, plan, and promote activities for the Climate Resilient Communities Accelerator.
    • Develop and contribute to written material including possible blog posts, maps, and policy briefs published on the C2ES website.
    • Support C2ES resilience team activities through an enthusiasm to learn and a willingness to engage in intellectual debate.
    • Provide some support to other program areas’ events and research when needed.


    • Eagerness to gain new expertise in the climate resilience field
    • Interest in taking an interdisciplinary approach to community climate resilience that values economic, social, and natural systems
    • Ability to get along with a wide range of stakeholders
    • Top notch writing skills
    • Capacity to think critically and work independently
    • Willingness to learn and pitch in at all levels
    • Demonstrated interest in climate change and/or environmental issues
    • Undergraduate studies in a relevant field, including but not limited to environmental studies, biological or earth sciences, environmental engineering, urban planning, political science, public policy, or economics.

Internship type:

    • Preferences will be given to local applicants. Internship can be local at our office: 3100 Clarendon Blvd. Suite 800. Arlington VA 22201. Or remote from the following States: VA, MD, DC, NY, PA, CT, MA, IL, WA, CA, NC, OH, MN, MI, FL, and TX.
    • Full-time internship up to 37.5 hours per week during Summer 2024.
    • Hourly Minimum Wage at the state where the intern will be working from.

We also are fully committed to promoting diversity, equityinclusion, and justice. We believe we will only be effective in developing and advocating for climate solutions if we have a diverse range of voices and perspectives represented within C2ES, in our work, and among our partners. C2ES is committed to creating and growing a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization and among the stakeholders we collaborate with and convene. By fostering this culture, we can enhance our work and amplify our impact. We encourage individuals of all races, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, genders, sexual identities, and abilities to apply for this position. For more on C2ES’s DEIJ policy, visit:



Minimum wage at the state working from

Work Location:

In-person in Arlington, VA OR remote from the following States: VA, MD, DC, NY, PA, CT, MA, IL, WA, CA, NC, OH, MN, MI, FL, TX

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Libby Zemaitis

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