International Competition to Design an Island

The University of Pennsylvania’s LA+ (Landscape Architecture Plus) journal has launched a US$10,000 international ideas competition to design a hypothetical island.

The competition asks entrants to conceive a new island or archipelago of islands that can be located anywhere in the world. The island(s) can be in any form and have any program, but must not exceed a total surface area of one square kilometre.

The competition is open to landscape architects, architects, planners, artists and designers. Entries can be made by individuals of teams of up to three people.

Australian landscape architect Richard Weller will chair and international six-member jury for the competition. Weller is professor and chair of landscape architecture at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design and creative director of LA+ journal.

“Islands hold an especially enigmatic place in our geographical imagination,” Weller said. “Differentiated from their contexts and as much myth as reality, islands have their own rules, stories, characters, ecologies, functions, and forms. One thing is for sure: islands are good to think with.

“This competition is an opportunity for designers to push back against the tide of white noise and imagine alternative realities.”

The jury also includes James Corner (Field Operations), Marion Weiss (Weiss/Manfredi), Javier Arpa (The Why Factory), Mark Kingwell (design philosopher) and Matthew Gandy (Cambridge University).

Five winners will be selected by the jury and each will receive a US$2,000 (NZ$2,758) prize. The jury will also select ten honourable mentions. Entries close 2 June 2017. Winners will be announced on 1 August 2017.

Winners, shortlisted entries, and other selected entries will be published in the LA+ Imagination issue in spring 2018. There will also be an exhibition of selected entries in New York City in spring 2018.

To enter the competition, click here.