EPA’s National Estuary Program Releases Two New Green Infrastructure Documents

EPA’s National Estuary Programs releases two documents to assist municipalities in paying and planning for green infrastructure into their stormwater management plan.


Getting to Green: Paying for Green Infrastructure, Finance  Options and Resources for Local Decision-Makers summarizes various funding sources that can be used to support stormwater management programs or finance individual projects.  Each type of funding source is illustrated by several municipal programs and contains a list of additional resources.  A comparative matrix is included which describes  the advantages and disadvantages of the various funding sources.


Coastal Stormwater Management through Green Infrastructure: A Handbook for Municipalities is designed to assist coastal municipalities within the Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay areas to incorporate green infrastructure into their stormwater management planning. The Handbook can also be applied more broadly by municipal infrastructure and resource managers located in other States. The document presents the following process for green infrastructure planning: 1) watershed assessment, 2) site identification and prioritization, 3) site planning, 4) selecting appropriate green infrastructure practices, 5) developing conceptual plans, and 6) effective plan review.


For more information on other National Estuary Programs, go to http://water.epa.gov/type/oceb/nep/resources.cfm


For more information on Green Infrastructure, go to http://water.epa.gov/infrastructure/greeninfrastructure/index.cfm