Design Opportunities (“DO”) proposed building projects: Designers Needed

“DO” comes to you courtesy of the American Society of Landscape Architects-New York

under  agreement with National Building News

What is “DO”?

Design Opportunities is a monthly listing of Proposed Building projects or renovations for which owner or developer will issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) … a proposed design … within the near future.

Who Reads “DO”?

1. Building owners, developers and corporations who want to know “where the action is”…where the next major development will take place & which design firms can give them the best buiding at the lowest cost.

2. Architects, engineers, contractors and designers of all types, interior & exterior, who want to be involved in the design of a new project.

3. Manufacturers of building products or services who want to be specified by the designer.

4. Facilitators of all types such as real estate brokers, appraisers and insurers, legal investment and mortgage firms, building security and maintenance companies whose services will be needed to bring tomorrow’s buildings to completion.

What is “Design Opportunities”?

National Building News Service has been reporting on the ever-changing Skyline of America since 1964… almost 50 years. We are proud to present this issue of our new publication “Design Opportunities”. Unlike other construction lead services, it features only buildings and renovations under consideration, before selection of an architect or interior designer. Therefore, each project represents an opportunity to be involved in design, construction or management at the earliest phase. Our readers include architects, interior designers, contractors, developers, building owners and managers and the many facilitators such as realtors, insurers, appraisers, brokers, lawyers, etc., plus the manufacturers of building products needed to bring tomorrow’s buildings on line.


Design Opportunities is distributed FREE to all Associations whose members can benefit from this advanced notice of Proposed Building Projects. “DO” is published twice monthly and sent as a PDF file to each subscribing Association for distribution to all its members.

“Live” Message Board

• With this issue we introduce the “Live” Message Board for use by Associations and their members.

• It is one column wide with space for 5 business card size ads or messages, one opposite each project as the reader scrolls down the page.

• IMPORTANT: because “DO” is FREE to all professional Design and Trade Association members, your

ad, or message, will be seen by those members nationwide, many thousands of them!

• We encourage ads which will inform, not distract the reader.

• This space is “live” so a click on any ad will take the reader to the advertiser’s landing page.

• Rate: $200 per ad, per insertion.

Please see the full list of current Design Opportunities by clicking here