Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan

DEI Strategic Plan : Four Themes


Actively reaching out to underserved minority students and BIPOC professionals in a more direct and personal manner to increase exposure and awareness to the profession and encourage more diverse group of people to enter the profession.


Younger Students: Increasing exposure and awareness of profession among younger students in diverse and underserved communities

  • k-12 students, early & often
  • High school mentoring program
    • What we do and how we do it
    • how we are a community-engaged design profession that can shape policy
    • Value of profession

Action Items

  • Elementary/middle school career day presentations
  • High school career fair
  • Tour My Park initiative (LA-led tour of familiar neighborhood parks in underserved community)

Diverse LA Communities: Reaching out to BIPOC LA members in direct and personal manner

  • Increasing BIPOC member’s engagement & involvement
  • Mentoring & personal connections to students & young professionals
  • Avoid tokenism
  • Cross-pollinating / working with other groups / committees / allied organizations

Action Items

  • Professional / business mentoring program
  • Joint forum/events with allied organizations


Lowering the institutional and financial barriers to BIPOC LA students and emerging professionals who face financial challenges.


Entering Profession: Lowering financial barriers for BIPOC students to enter into the profession

  • Education: Financial assistance to financially challenged BIPOC LA students
  • Internship Program: Paid internship program for BIPOC LA students

Action Items

  • Micro-grant program for BIPOC students
  • National ASLA convention grant for BIPOC students
  • Paid internship mandate (i.e. make it a requirement for award submission)
  • Paid internship programs for BIPOC students

Succeeding in Profession: Lowering financial barriers for BIPOC emerging professionals to succeed in the profession

  • ASLA Membership Dues: Sliding scale with additional grants available (National/NY)
  • LARE Exams: Financial assistance / prep support (info, literature, study sessions)

Diversifying Career Path

  • Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Construction Management

Action Items

  • Emerging Professional micro-grant
  • LARE exam support grant
  • National ASLA convention grant
  • ASLA-NY Chapter due subsidy grant
  • Discount for award submission for BIPOC firms
  • Discount for major event registration fees
  • Alliance programs with manufacturers, fabricators, shops & contractors


Facilitate institutional level discussions of anti-racism and equality among decision makers, firm leaders, and educators for actionable and concrete changes.


Anti-Racism Awareness

  • Decision Makers / Firm Leaders / Professors
    • Anti-Racism Awareness Workshops
    • Guidelines for project intake to avoid community harm
  • ASLA-NY Members
    • Training for personal self-inquiry & investigation of implicit bias at firms

Educational Reform

  • Promote educational equality
  • Diversify faculty and student body
  • Reform LA history course & rhetoric

Action Items

  • Guidelines for LA firm DEI training manual
  • Guidelines for project intake to avoid community harm
  • Tri-State Educators DEI summit


Celebrate the diversity of our LA community and advocate the talents and contributions of the BIPOC members and students.


Diversity of Voices

  • Promote BIPOC joy and opportunity
  • More representations of BIPOC practitioners and their work

Culturally relevant Communication and Events

  • Accessible & inclusive language and sharing of pronouns
  • Land acknowledgements
  • More transparent ASLA-NY board operations

Action Items

  • Highlighting notable BIPOC members in chapter website
  • Conference focusing on BIPOC work / community / practitioners
  • Mandatory policy of land acknowledgements at all ASLA-NY events/programs
  • Create a DEI category in Design Awards
  • Encourage diverse inclusion in committees, with the goal of training / mentoring future board members and leaders
  • Nomination and elevation of BIPOC members to Fellows level
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