A Special Message from our ASLA-NY President

Dear ASLA-NY Members and Friends,
I have had the great honor and privilege of being elected and serving as your President for these last ten months. Even as I was running for office, I did not fathom the year that lay ahead. I moved in with my partner at the top of the year, just finished assembling our IKEA closet masterpiece, when suddenly our bedroom became my office, our frisky feline Mishka entertaining unsuspecting viewers with his unchoreographed video-conference cameos!  
As the coronavirus gripped New York and we went into lockdown – I led my first board meeting, virtually. We welcomed my niece Samara into the world on Arbor Day (named after the winged achene fruit). We moved my parents out of my “permanent” address on Long Island, sorting through thirty-five years of life accumulation. This year has directed me inward to focus on what is important.
I ran on the platform for the Presidency that all voices need to be heard – the urgency cemented in the months that followed. The crises of 2020 have shined the limelight on the center stage role of landscape architecture.  I, along with the entire Board are forever changed and are activated and empowered to move us positively forward.
In an uplifting spirit, I would love to share with you what our incredible ASLA-NY volunteer members (tripled to more than sixty!) and our tireless Executive Director, Diane Sferrazza Katz, have been cooking up behind the scenes while under quarantine:
  • Our Advocacy Committee is currently taking a new approach that enables Members’ rights and interests at a local, state, and federal level. Through strategic communication, we are keeping members informed of important advocacy issues and drafting position statements in addition to engaging in outreach on behalf of our partners. Our Advocacy Committee is our direct liaison to the New York State Council of Landscape Architects established to further important legislative agenda. We now have five chapter members representing us on the Council!
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is our newly formed working group. Building on the momentum of the Black Lives Matter Movement, we are ushering in a shift toward equity in our profession by starting with our board members and disseminating to the Chapter through each of our committees. Decided to make systemic change, there will be opportunities for landscape architects and designers in the region to participate in the coming months as the group continues to form.
  • In the spirit of inclusivity, we have also built up a dedicated Membership Committee that is reaching out to lapsed and potential members to understand individual needs to make the Chapter more beneficial to the wider population. One endeavor we are working towards is creating practice networks that allows our members to connect with others in the same area of interest.
  • Our Awards Committee runs and administers the Chapter’s annual design awards. To encourage and assist more firm participation and to reflect the diversity of our profession, we are revamping both program and submission requirements. We have studied past awards data and are working on outreach to all local firms – developing strategies to encourage participation from minority-owned firms and to be more representative of the wide range of practice of our profession offers.
  • Our expanded Education Committee is collaborating with local schools for integration in and out of the classroom through educational enrichment opportunities targeting school-age students in underserved communities. We realize that engaging with the young is our greatest opportunity to change the future. This threads into our developing Mentorship Program which will target aspiring landscape architects enrolled in degree programs to convince the wide breadth of career opportunities available. Our Education Committee has also helped transform Little 12th Street as part of the Future Streets collaboration with AIA and APA.
  • Our Programs Committee has successfully adapted to the fully digital format with a silver lining of engaging with speakers from distant locations, including our cross-over series with the ASLA-NY Upstate Chapter and engaging with our members from a further geographic reach of our Chapter. We are looking forward to experimenting with new ways of engaging members in the upcoming year through both social and educational events.
  • Our Communications / Public Awareness Committee has masterfully reconfigured our newsletter and our new ASLA-NY website is launching soon! With a fresh layout and organization, we are better showcasing award winners, upcoming programs and events, and general chapter news and information. During COVID, we provided online resources to members, including a wide range of CEU opportunities, online education, work from home, and mental health resources. Our Communications / Public Awareness Committee led this year’s Park(ing) Day Event on West End Avenue and developed a website to promote it.
Alliances across disciplines and at National ASLA greatly further our efforts in the profession – strengthening our network and changing our community with recent endeavors including:
  • building a New York and regional team as part of the Nationally led ASLA Climate Action Committee a future regional network forming to host a series of conversations aimed at addressing climate change;
  • collaborating in the Fine Arts Federation and the NYC PDC, production in the second document in their Designing New York Series, “Streetscapes for Wellness” providing guiding principles and recommendations for quality design of streetscapes and adjacent open spaces;
  • working with community groups and the AEC industries in Redefining the Street: A Community Design Collaboration sponsored by ASLA-NY and the AIANY-NYS Unified Crisis Task Force, to reimagine public space to equitably improve the health, access, and safety through temporary measures and permanent solution that can be implemented in NYC and contribute to future urban policies; and
  • partnering on the National COVID-19 Outdoor Classroom Initiative, assisting local schools in developing outdoor classrooms through pro-bono conceptual design and consultation.
Thank you to our sponsors, especially those who continued to support us during this difficult year. We look forward to our continued collaborations in the time ahead.
We applaud the immeasurable contribution of our ASLA-NY Volunteers, these incredibly engaging and spirited individuals that gave tremendously of their time while we are in a crisis.
Colleagues and Friends – we welcome you to reach out – to give us a call, send us a message, comment on our social media pages, come to a meeting – however you prefer to join us. I can be reached directly at [email protected]. My heart is with all of you and the journeys you have been on this past year.
As I am cautiously optimistic, I look forward to seeing you in person soon. I sincerely wish you and your families a healthy, happy, and peaceful year ahead.
Yours Truly,

2021 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture Call for Presentations

Deadline: February 24, 2021 at 11:59 PM PT.


The American Society of Landscape Architects is currently accepting proposals for the 2021 Conference on Landscape Architecture in Nashville, Tennessee, November 19-22, 2021.

The ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture is the largest gathering of landscape architects and allied professionals in the world—all coming together to learn, celebrate, build relationships, and strengthen the bonds of our incredibly varied professional community. We are looking for education proposals that will help to drive change in the field of landscape architecture and provide solutions to everyday challenges that are informed by research and practice.



  • Please read the submission guide for the session type for which you plan to submit (linked under session formats).
  • The presentation submission and review process is managed through an online system, Abstract ScoreCard. ASLA members and returning users should use their unique ASLA ID or username and password below. If you forgot your password, please visit: https://my.asla.org/password. (opens new window) Non-ASLA members should click “Begin Now” to get started.
  • Please login to the Abstract ScoreCard early. Your account will lock after three incorrect password submissions. If this happens, please contact Membership at [email protected] (opens new window) directly to reset.
  • Upon submission, the submitter will receive an email confirmation.




Winners Announced: 2020 AIANY, ASLANY T+I Design Excellence Awards

The AIANY, ASLANY  Transportation + Infrastructure Design Excellence Awards recognize exceptional design in infrastructure. The awards program is open to registered architects, landscape architects, and planners.

Built and unbuilt projects will be reviewed for their innovative design approaches to transportation and infrastructure. AIANY + ASLANY will recognize projects that reflect a commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and civic architecture.

CLICK HERE to see the winning projects

2021 Design Awards

ASLA-NY values our annual awards program and its ability to highlight the tremendous projects happening in New York and the work of our amazing New York firms. 
In an effort to enable wider practice participation and to have our design awards reflect the diversity of our profession, ASLA-NY feels it is important to make some changes to our program and submission requirements. Stay tuned for more information, as well as an announcement as to when submissions will be open.  We encourage firms to begin preparation of your awards submissions.
Please CLICK HERE to check out ASLA-NY’s tips on winning strategies for submissions.

Now Open! ASLA-NY Emerging Professional reVISION Grant

The Candidate must be an Emerging Professional in landscape architecture between the ages of 20 and 35 and have earned a degree or advanced degree in landscape architecture by October 1, 2020. The Candidate must be one of the following: A member of ASLA-NY, working in, or a resident of New York City or Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange or Rockland county.

Submissions will be accepted between October 16, 2020 and October 23, 2020 at 5:00 PM. 

ASLA-NY Chapter Officers will select the 5 best essay responses.

Winner Notification 
Winners will be notified by Wednesday, October 28, 2020. 

To Apply 
For entry into the Grant Competition candidates must submit the following: 

Full Name 
Landscape Architecture Program / Degree Received / Graduation Date
Phone Number 

Optional Information:
ASLA Member Number

Candidates must respond to the following two essay prompts: 

How would you benefit from attending the National Conference – reVISION: ASLA 2020? (100 word limit)

What new or different Membership Benefit is missing from ASLA-NY and what would members gain by having it?  (250-350 words)

CLICK HERE to apply
This grant is generously sponsored by Anova


TCLF: Landslide® 2020: Women Take the Lead

South Cove, Battery Park City, New York, NY, 2020. Photo by Barrett Doherty, courtesy The Cultural Landscape Foundation-1

The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) today released Landslide, its annual thematic report and exhibition about threatened and at-risk landscapes. Landslide 2020: Women Take the Lead, timed to the centennial of women’s right to vote, focuses on sites across the country designed by women (there are twelve entries, two of which include multiple sites). The sites in Landslide 2020: Women Take the Lead represent achievements by women during the course of the twentieth century.

View press release here

The twelve Landslide 2020 sites are representative of a much larger story. While this report is issued on the centennial of the passage of the nineteenth amendment to the Constitution, it also coincides with nationwide social upheaval highlighting and addressing long-standing injustices and disparities. Within the profession, inclusion and equity for Black, indigenous, and people of color continue to be significant issues. ASLA notes that only one percent of its members identify as African American and four percent as Hispanic or Latino. ASLA provides resources to women and people of color in navigating the profession, in part, because of these discrepancies. Studies of roadblocks for women in the profession in the 1980s and again in the 2000s have consistently pointed to the incompatibility between this career and family life, an issue addressed in the Landslide video interviews with Martha Schwartz and Alison Hirsch. There are themes that certainly would have resonated with professional women landscape architects—many of whom never married or had children—more than a century ago. But life-work balance is only one issue in a complex web of equity concerns. As Heidi Hohmann, Director of Graduate Education in Iowa State’s School of Landscape Architecture noted in the January 2006 issue of Landscape Journal, women’s relationships with men in the twentieth-century landscape architecture workplace were “by turns abasing, pleasant, supportive, patronizing, and truly collaborative.” 

In the exhibition’s introductory video, Thaisa Way provides a brief overview of women landscape architects in the twentieth century, while Alison Hirsch addresses her dual role as a mother of two young children and a university professor, and Sara Zewde (ASLA-NY Member) speaks pointedly about being a Black woman in the profession. Landslide 2020 is, by design, not encyclopedic, but rather meant to spur greater inquiry and dialogue about women and landscape architecture, and hopefully to contribute to the broader conversation about diversity and inclusion.

The Landslide 2020 exhibition had originally been conceived as a traveling photographic exhibition that was to debut at the Boston Architectural College. However, the novel coronavirus pandemic necessitated a solely digital format. In the end, this constraint afforded a special opportunity: to feature richly produced Zoom interviews with some of the leading voices of the profession, many of whom contribute personal anecdotes about the featured designers and other insights. TCLF hopes that these rare recordings will serve as an inspiring and valuable resource for generations to come.

View the Introductor video here: https://youtu.be/zw2N1XZGmCs 

Anova 2021 LARE Grant Competition: Open for Submissions

Current licensed professional landscape architects can submit unlimited nominations of any individuals who meet the following two requirements: eligible candidates must have an LAAB-accredited degree in landscape architecture, and meet the state board requirements. Click here to view individual state requirements for eligibility. Nominators should confirm the nominee is ready to take the exam.

[email protected]

Nomination will be accepted until 12:00pm PST on  November 13th 2020

CLICK HERE  for Nomination form