It’s time to spread the word about our profession to future landscape architects. And now we have made it easy for YOU to help.

Career Day at your local school is the perfect time to promote landscape architecture as a career option to students.  To help make this as simple as possible, our Education Committee has created the attached Powerpoint Presentation, “What is Landscape Architecture?”  This presentation is designed for high school level students.  It is ready to go and even provides talking points for you. Feel free to add images of your own projects in place of, or in addition to, those here – even projects in your own neighborhood if possible.

Stay tuned for middle and elementary school versions of this presentation.

How to Start

Call the school your kids go to and ask them if you can participate in their Career Day.  If you don’t have any children in school, contact your local neighborhood school.

Tell them you will need about 30-45 minutes for the presentation and Q&A’s.

Presentation Tips

Download the presentation to a thumb drive.

Save the presentation as a pdf as well as a PPT in the event the equipment to be used does not accept the PPT.

Make sure there is a projector in the classroom and you are ready to go!

We Want to Hear About It

Please let us know when and where your presentation occurs.  Share with us any comments and/or suggestions from your experience.

Mercedes Ward and Toshi Karato recently presented at the Millenial School in Brooklyn.  One piece of advice from them is that 10th grade seems to be the perfect level for this material.  They also said it is a lot of fun engaging with the students – so get going!

We look forward to hearing from you.  Contact Diane Katz at [email protected] for questions, comments and to tell her of your success presenting at a school.


Check out these free student activities aligned to national teaching standards. They were originally developed for National Landscape Architecture Month and are available on the website.

Build A Mini-Green Roof (K-6)

Design A Reading Garden (6-8)

Create A Rain Garden or Bioswale (6-12)

Earn the Boy Scout Landscape Architecture Merit Badge (6-12)

Job Shadow Experience (8-12)

Be A Landscape Architect! (8-12)

Sustainable Landscape Practices (8-12)

Plan A Community Event (All Ages)

Participate in School or Community Event (All Ages)