ASLA-NY’s Advocacy and Policy Committee is considering submitting comments on a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposal as part of a national strategy for improving the health of pollinators announced by President Obama this May. The EPA is currently seeking comments on their proposal to protect pollinators and other non-target species from a type of insecticide which has been especially harmful: neonicitinoids. The public comment period closes July 29, 2015. In order to represent our members’ views, we invite you to send any thoughts regarding pollinator conservation in the next week.

Populations of both bees and many other pollinators are reported to be in a state of critical decline in NY and across the nation. Reasons for this decline are complex and include parasites, pesticides, habitat loss, changes in agricultural practice and global warming. ASLA promotes increasing habitat for pollinators as one of several strategies for supporting these extremely beneficial species, which provide essential ecological services to much of our food, other flowering plants and our other ecosystems. ASLA  also promotes active participation by landscape architects in the integration and dissemination of ecological information to the public and policy makers.

We invite you to comment on this proposal in the space provided below and refer to the following links for more information.

Links regarding the proposal:

Full text:

Some background on this topic:

Read President Obama’s directive.


A Bold Plan for Saving Pollinators:


ASLA Statement: Congress Can Protect Pollinators Through Highways BEE Act


ASLA Statement on White House Strategy to Promote Pollinator Health

The Secret Life of Pollinators:





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