2023 Merit Award

General Design

Workday Campus + Innovation Plaza

Pleasanton, California

Landscape Architect:


Project Team:

Workday Inc. (Client), Terrasset (Owner Representative), Kier + Wright (Civil Engineering), KPFF Consulting Engineers (Structural), Watry Design (Parking Planning)

Photo Credit(s):

Caitlin Atkinson, Marion Brenner Photography


About the Project:

The Workday Campus and Innovation Plaza is a celebration of the iconic beauty of the California foothills. Featuring rolling landforms, native oak groves and wildflower-covered stormwater basins, the design creates a new public space that links Workday’s LEED-Platinum certified campus to the adjacent regional transit hub operated by Bay Area Rapid Transit. Converted from an unlit and underutilized portion of the property, the 1.5-acre Plaza is the result of a landmark public-private partnership between Workday, BART and the City of Pleasanton that infuses nature into the daily commute, showcases sustainable design and promotes the enjoyable use of mass transit.

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