2020 Honor Award

Residential Design

St Augustine Terrace

Morrisania, Bronx, NY

Landscape Architect:

Terrain-NYC Landscape Architecture PC

Project Team:

Magnusson Architecture & Planning PC
GACE Consulting Engineers
Johnson and Urban Consulting Engineers
Philip Habib & Associates


About the Project:

The landscape design for the St. Augustine Terrace aimed to reveal the site’s natural and cultural history. 

The site of the former St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church, constructed in 1894 and demolished in 2013, posed significant cultural and topographic challenges. Effort was made by the design team to incorporate artifacts from the church, including the bell and foundation stone. Additionally, following demolition of the church, bedrock was discovered. The design team encouraged ownership to celebrate this geological discovery rather than remove it, resulting in a dramatic entry experience.

The result is a handsome building, perched on a hill, surrounded by lush pockets of planting, an overlook with dramatic views of the sunset, and private areas for reflection and respite.

Images by: Terrain-NYC Landscape Architecture

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