2024 Honor Award

Residential Design


Sagaponack, NY

Landscape Architect:

LaGuardia Design Group

Project Team:

Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects
Artisan Construction Associates
Kiwi Construction
Hampton Yards
DiLandro Andrews Engineering
MOE Masonry

Photo Credit(s):

Photos 1, 4-10: Anthony Crisafulli
Photos 2-3: LaGuardia Design Group

04-Seascape Residence_credit © Anthony Crisafulli

About the Project:

Seascape Residence, elevated 10 feet above grade per FEMA regulations, integrates innovative stormwater management with rain gardens doubling as flood mitigators and habitat for native pollinators. Terraced steps connect the raised residence with nature, featuring outdoor living spaces, an infinity-edge pool, and fire table, showcasing transformative design in a coastal environment.

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