2022 Merit Award

Rebuild by Design Meadowlands

Meadowlands Region, New Jersey

Landscape Architect:

AECOM NYC Landscape Studio

Project Team:

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
AECOM Water, Structural Design, Drainage Design, and Civil Engineering

Rebuild by Design Meadowlands_AECOMLandscapeStudio

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About the Project:

Rebuild by Design Meadowlands emerged from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Rebuild by Design Competition, which promoted development of innovative resilience projects in Hurricane Sandy-affected regions. The project investigates multi-benefit, integrated flood risk reduction solutions which improve drainage infrastructure, public spaces, reduce impacts to the natural environment, and improve future resilience for social, environmental and economic systems in communities located within 100-year floodplains. Given the complexity of combined flood risks from both stormwater and tidal surge, the approach to RBD Meadowlands is inherently multidisciplinary; requiring a fully-integrated team of landscape architects, engineers, planners, ecologists, scientists, and economists. The culmination of analysis, planning, and design work completed during this project provides a comprehensive approach to long-term resilience in the region.

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