2022 Merit Award

Qianhai’s Guiwan Park

Shenzhen, China

Landscape Architect:

James Corner Field Operations

Project Team:

Client: Shenzhen Qianhai Development & Investment Holding Co., Ltd.
Local Landscape Architect: Landscape Architecture Design Institute (SLADI)


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About the Project:

Guiwan Park is the first “water finger” built as part of the 2010 Qianhai Water City master plan, a new model for an innovative and sustainable city. As the green core, Guiwan Park supports the city center with a world-class park while simultaneously creating large-scale green infrastructure for stormwater management, flood and tidal protection, and habitat recovery. Guiwan Park features 51,000 sqm of seawater wetland, 18,000 sqm of freshwater wetland, and 255,000 sqm of parkland, naturalizing the tidal corridor and creating a harmony of beauty and ecological performance.

The 2.2-kilometer-long park combines ecological, social, and urban functions with zones that support sports, leisure, recreation, and nature exploration, creating a “hyper-nature” that brings together natural ecology and an urban energy web.

Photo Credit: Holi Photography

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