2022 Merit Award

P.S. 16 Wakefield Playground, Bronx, NYC

4550 Carpenter Ave, Bronx, NY 10470

Landscape Architect:

Grain Collective

Project Team:

School Construction Authority
PMY Construction
Sam Schwartz Engineering
DAGHER Engineering


About the Project:

In the Wakefield neighborhood of the Bronx, community areas for free play are scarce, making P.S. 16’s schoolyard an invaluable opportunity for children to connect with nature. Inspired by the freedom that comes from wandering meadows and rolling down hills, the TCU removal and renovation of P.S. 16’s split level, asphalt schoolyard transcended DOE design norms, transforming a classic schoolyard into a wonderland of challenging obstacles and shady areas that underscore the importance of plant life in combating urban heat. With an emphasis on free play—the most important work of children—the schoolyard cultivates the seeds of imagination, physical strength, language, and social-emotional skills, showing this 98% minority student population there is no limit to how high they can grow.

Photo Credit: Runit Chhaya

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