2022 Merit Award

Open Space Master Plan, New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)

133 NYCHA Developments across New York City’s five boroughs

Landscape Architect:

Grain Collective

Project Team:

New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)
Sherpa Construction Consulting
Wordshop NYC – Copy Writing
Lisandro Perez-Rey – Videographer
Nancy Owens Studio

NYCHA Open Space Master_Grain Collective

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About the Project:

Across NYCHA’s 2,400 acres, 40% of our city’s playgrounds go mostly untouched because of damage incurred by unintended adult use. But when considering only 2% of available outdoor space on campuses is designed for adult passive use, and that 75% of NYCHA residents are over 18, it’s clear that something isn’t adding up. NYCHA’s Play Space Master Plan offers a new vision for a new era of public housing in New York, centered on resident quality of life. Grounded in active design principles, connected community-building, and multigenerational use, open space is the heart of the NYCHA Masterplan—a roadmap to removing fences, returning access to mature trees, and unpaving the way towards a greener future for NYCHA and all of NYC.

Photo Credit: Grain Collective

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