2020 Merit Award

General Design

Modernist Garden

Bronx, New York

Landscape Architect:

Raymond Jungles, Inc.

Project Team:

New York Botanical Garden
Botanics Wholesale
Native Tree Nursery
Bullis Bromeliads
DCM Fabrication, Inc.

Merit Award_Modernist Garden_Image 1

About the Project:

The Modernist Garden had the honor of being the grand entrance to the New York Botanical Garden’s largest botanical exhibition, Brazilian Modern: The Living Art of Roberto Burle Marx. The exhibition, at the edge of New York’s concrete jungle, celebrated the life and legacy of Brazilian modernist artist, landscape architect, and conservationist, Roberto Burle Marx. 244,000 visitors experienced this horticultural tribute from June through September 2019.

The Conservatory Lawn, an unassuming grass expanse, was boldly transformed into a verdant nirvana and immersive experience of the senses. The 25,000 sq. ft. Modernist Garden, with over 50 species of predominantly tropical plants, displayed the exuberance of Brazilian Modern through the lens of the Raymond Jungles’ unrelenting admiration for Burle Marx.

Images by: New York Botanical Garden, Barrett Doherty, and Stephen Dunn

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