2022 Honor Award

General Design

Little Island

New York, NY

Landscape Architect:


Project Team:

Landscape Architects: MNLA
Architect: Heatherwick Studio
Structural and MEP Engineers: Arup
Marine Engineer: Mueser Rutledge
Amphitheater and Back-of-House Architect: Standard Architects
Lighting Designers: FMS
Irrigation: ICI
Graphic Designers: C & G Partners

Photo Credit: Timothy Schenck

About the Project:

Little Island is a new, 2.4 acre public park in the Hudson River designed by MNLA. Is Little Island a public park or a public garden?  This blurring of boundaries between two traditional landscape typologies creates a new paradigm for public open space.  The elevated structure protects the park from future storms and sea level rise; dramatically undulating topography offers a sublime interplay of external and internal views which become evident through choreography of universally accessible paths.  The sensuous architecture and engineering prowess give way to an extraordinary maritime landscape of constantly changing colors and textures that were the sole responsibility of MNLA. Envisioned as a place for mental respite, physical enjoyment, and artistic expression, the park’s unique design lies at the intersection of nature, culture, and community. 

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