2021 Merit Award

Large-Scale Residential Design

Linden Hill

Long Island, New York

Landscape Architect:

Hollander Design Landscape Architects

Project Team:

Architect – Ike Kligerman Barkley


About the Project:

The majestic trees and ancient geology on this site affected nearly every decision we made about its landscape design. We incorporated the site’s constellation of copper beech, fern leaf beech, lindens and Japanese cypress into anchors for landscape amenities and destinations that beckon from inside the house.

Special Factors & Additional Information:

This beautiful property is located within an established summer colony on Long Island. The moment we first visited the site, we knew that its ancient trees and geology would have a major influence on the location and design of its new home and landscape. Massive copper beech, fern leaf beech, lindens, and Japanese cypress punctuated the property like a constellation. The site was remarkable for the number, health and placement of trees that had been left unharmed despite the multiple generations of families, homes and landscapes that had occupied it.

The landscape design turns these trees and a remnant dune running through the property into focal points and destinations, anchors and horizon views. The home’s buildings, entry drive, tennis court, pool and gardens are all organized around giant trees, which give the landscape its sense of timelessness.

We worked closely with the architect to site the house in ways that make the most of the landscape experience. As a result, the expansive lawn area stretching from the back of the house features views of impressive Japanese Cypress. The linden allee toward the back of the property aligns with the client’s favorite door to the terrace. Pool and pool house are punctuated at each end by large linden and cryptomeria trees, giving them instant maturity and grace.

To add to the distinctive arboreal legacy of the site, we planted an allee of lindens that gently traverse an ancient slope. Dune remnants from an earlier age rise in unexpected places throughout the region. Here, we turned the small hill into both a destination and a quietly illuminated journey to harvest vegetables at the back of the property.

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