2022 Honor Award

Large-Scale Residential Design

Jule Pond

Southampton, NY

Landscape Architect:

LaGuardia Design Group

Project Team:

Blaze Makoid Architecture
Shawn Henderson Interior Design
Lettieri Construction
Marders Landscaping
Flawless Pools & Spas
MOE Masonry
Orsman Design
Hamptons Tennis Company
Peconic Environmental Associates Inc.

Photo Credit: LaGuardia Design Group

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About the Project:

Jule Pond’s architectural siting was derived from an intensive, early collaborative effort between the Landscape Architect and Architect.  Because of the sensitive nature of the site-a low-lying farm field directly bordering a freshwater pond—FEMA regulations required that the house be elevated well above grade. This regulatory constraint soon became a driving force behind the environmental remediation strategy for the project. Raising the site required re-grading the land, leading to the mitigation of soil pollution caused by generations of poor farming practices. Pesticide-laden soils were removed from the site and replaced with locally sourced topsoil mixed with clean sand from the house excavations. Along the pond’s shoreline, a 100-foot wide buffer of native plantings was added to filter storm water runoff that naturally drains to the wetland.

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