2020 Merit Award

General Design

Inter-Tidal Pool

Bronx, NY

Landscape Architect:


Project Team:

eDesign Dynamics
ads Engineers

Roberto Clemente State Park; Landscape Architect: MNLA; Bronx NY

About the Project:

The synchronicity of Hurricane Sandy and the ongoing renovation of Roberto Clemente State Park in the Bronx created an opportunity to reinterpret the park’s hard edge into an exciting, interactive, public open space. MNLA advocated for the Inter-Tidal Pool within the park’s bigger renovation efforts as a dynamic and immersive design that would re-engage the community.

The Inter-Tidal Pool encourages visitors to engage with ecosystems not previously accessible. It creates a tidal marsh and habitat for local flora and fauna while also filtering upland runoff that previously contributed to combined sewer overflow. Elevated walkways breach traditional hard edges to observe a tidal marsh where fish and crabs began to take refuge within days of opening.

Images by: Elizabeth Felicella

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