2022 Honor Award

Large-Scale Residential Design

Dune Meadow

Southampton, NY

Landscape Architect:

LaGuardia Design Group

Project Team:

Blaze Makoid Architects
Halliday Greer Interior Design
Loebs and Gordon Poolcraft
Whitmores Inc.
Precision Stone Inc.
First Coastal Corporation
Orsman Design
Inter-Science Research Associates

Photo Credit: Michael Stavaridis

About the Project:

Dune Meadow is an example of new development opening the door for the substantial improvement and restoration of long-neglected ecosystems. The designed framework serves as a prototype for the natural progression and recovery of sensitive, ecologically critical landscapes. Although initially seen as inherent challenges to the project, the environmental issues were re-defined by LaGuardia Design Group as opportunities to enhance the resilience of the site and improve the project both visually and experientially. In confronting a future of continued climate change, the design responds to a constantly shifting coastal system. The solutions are a starting point for the dunes and marshes to thrive as self-sustaining features, protecting the home while expanding and contracting, as the adjacent context shifts beneath them.

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