2024 Merit Award

Residential Design

Cobb Isle

Water Mill, NY

Landscape Architect:

LaGuardia Design Group

Project Team:

Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects
Seascape Partners
Summerhill Landscapes Inc.
Flawless Pools & Spas
Inter-Science Research Associates, Inc.
Robert Silman Associates

Photo Credit(s):

Photo.s 1-3, 5-9: LaGuardia Design Group
Photo 4: Marc Veit Schwaer


About the Project:

Situated on a narrow peninsula by a brackish creek, this modern home, pool, and pool house are strategically positioned for panoramic views of the bay and distant Atlantic. Elevated 10 feet per FEMA regulations, cantilevered planters manage floodwaters. Innovative construction ensures durability and functionality in this elevated residence, prioritizing flood precautions.

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