2023 Merit Award

Analysis, Planning, Research and Communications

Circle Bar Ranch Comprehensive Landscape Plan

Foxworth, Mississippi

Landscape Architect:

Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects

Project Team:

Kenneth Schwartz, Executive Director of Phyllis Taylor Center, Tulane Professor of Architecture, Michael Sacks Chair in Civic Engagement and Social Entrepreneurship / Johanna Gilligan, Research and strategy consultant, LOEB fellow in food / Jabari Brown, Programmatic & community engagement consultant and native of Jackson, MS / Annette Hollowell, Co-Founder, Foxfire Ranch Principal, Verbena Group, New Orleans, MS / Judith Kinnard, Tulane Professor of Architecture, Harvey Wadsworth Chair of Landscape Urbanism / Robert Smith, Coastal Programs Coordinator for Wildlife Mississippi


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About the Project:

The Comprehensive Landscape Plan for Circle Bar Ranch transforms the 2,800-acre former cattle ranch into an ecologically vibrant, culturally and historically connected regional youth camp within the context of a working farm and forest. NBW collaborated with the Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking to create a Vision Plan for Circle Bar Ranch with the goal of greatly expanding its community impact. With regenerative land management as its programmatic core, the design manifests and promotes the Center’s values: Respect, Connection, Learning, and Creativity to foster the next generation of land stewards through a unique, hands-on educational experience.

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