2022 Merit Award

Cedar Crest

Southampton, NY

Landscape Architect:

LaGuardia Design Group

Project Team:

James Merrell Architects
Aran Construction
Renner Landscaping
Orsman Design


About the Project:

The creative reuse of existing landscape elements characterizes this project. In re-envisioning this eight-acre plot overlooking Peconic Bay, the landscape architect chose to honor and make use of the century-old cedar trees that gave the property its namesake. The existing trees were carefully dug and relocated to create a cedar grove, through which the new driveway meanders. The site is planted with a pallet of native woodland grasses and perennials. This woodland and meadow landscape extends north to the crest of the bluff, where it transitions into a naturalized buffer of beach plum and bayberry as the land falls away.

Image Credit: Anthony Crisafulli

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