2022 Honor Award

Brooklyn Bridge – Montgomery Coastal Resilience

Lower Manhattan, New York

Landscape Architect:

AECOM Landscape Studio

Project Team:

Mayors Office of Resiliency
AECOM Engineering, Civil, Structural, Coastal Marine, Environmental, Hydraulics, Drainage, Process, Mechanical and Systems, Electrical, and Economics
One Architecture
Nandinee Phookan Architects
Wesler-Cohen Associates
KS Engineers
Matrix New World Engineering
Gedeon GRC Consulting
Weintraub Design Associates
Tillotson Design Associates
Ellana Construction
Fitzgerald & Halliday
Karp Strategies
Mek Frinchaboy, Artist

Two Bridges and The Impact of Climate Change
The neighborhood in the BMCR project area is comprised of a diverse community that will be significantly impacted by storm events related to climate change.

About the Project:

Brooklyn Bridge–Montgomery Coastal Resilience (BMCR) will provide flood risk reduction for residents, businesses, and infrastructure in Manhattan’s Two Bridges neighborhood from flooding due to coastal storms and sea level rise.  Two Bridges is an immigrant neighborhood with a high proportion of elderly and low-income residents.  Through an inclusive, multimedia and multilingual program of engagement and resilience education, this historically underserved community was empowered to shape the design of a resilient infrastructure and public programming system along their waterfront. 

This community-driven landscape infrastructure project provides flood infrastructure and an enhanced waterfront experience with an innovative system of interlocking, deployable flood gates along the urban waterfront. Unprecedented in New York City, the BMCR project establishes a high standard for integrating resiliency measures with universally accessible community-centered place-making.

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