2023 Merit Award

Un-Built Projects

Bayfront Parks Master Plan

Jersey CITY, NJ

Landscape Architect:

SWA Group and Perkins Eastman Architects

Project Team:

Jersey City Redevelopment Agency
Moffatt & Nichol
Greener by Design

Photo Credit(s):

SWA Group, Perkins Eastman Architects

2023-Merit-Bayfront Parks Master Plan

About the Project:

Occupying a 100-acre brownfield site, the Bayfront Parks Master Plan is a new archetype for resilient and equitable development along the Hackensack River. The centerpiece of Bayfront’s public realm is a half-mile waterfront park featuring civic spaces and newly established marshlands that will absorb rising tides, improve water quality, and provide riparian habitat. Two linear parks, situated atop engineered caps that isolate contaminated soil below, provide green connections between underserved upland neighborhoods and a newly accessible, public waterfront.

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