2020 Merit Award


Albany Skyway

Albany, NY

Landscape Architect:


Project Team:

Capitalize Albany Corporation

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About the Project:

The Albany Skyway is an initiative to reclaim an under-utilized highway overpass for the cultural, economic, recreational and ecological benefit of the city. In the 1960s, the construction of the I-787 elevated highway system cut Albany neighborhoods’ access off from the Hudson River. The highway became a physical and economic barrier to surrounding neighborhoods.

The Skyway re-imagines a highway off-ramp as an iconic connection and park, re-uniting Downtown with its waterfront. This new regional destination will serve as a park that is inviting, engaging, and accessible. It creates missing links to the region’s expansive trail network, providing leisure activities for all to enjoy. The design demonstrates a technically complex implementation achievement and creative adaptation of single-use transportation infrastructure for public benefit.

Images by: Studio

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