2023 Merit Award

General Design

550 Madison Avenue Garden

New York, NY

Landscape Architect:


Photo Credit(s):

Barrett Doherty

2023-Merit-550 Madison Avenue Garden

About the Project:

The building’s public space was redesigned as a generously expanded, densely vegetated garden. The garden opens up the public space along the west side of the tower, transforming it into a series of interconnected outdoor ‘rooms’ that provide quiet spaces and larger, more open areas. Partially covered by a new glass canopy and formed by a series of intersecting circles in plan, these rooms invite passersby to meet over lunch and socialize, to find respite beside the water feature, or to experience a tactile connection to nature. A verdant, layered topography lifts up along the west side of the garden, minimizing the existing tower service infrastructure while providing a sense of being immersed in the garden.

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