2024 Merit Award

Residential Design

11 Hoyt

Brooklyn, NY

Landscape Architect:

Hollander Design Landscape Architects

Project Team:

Studio Gang
Hill West Architects
Earthscape Play
Michaelis Boyd
Tishman Speyer

Photo Credit(s):

Photo 1, 3-4, 11-12: Colin Miller
Photo 2, 7-8: Hollander Design
Photo 5-6, 10, 13: Joshua McHugh
Photo 9: Jennifer Young

11 Hoyt1

About the Project:

11 Hoyt is an important model for how urban developments can help restore resources for pollinators with spaces where nature and community coexist. Visible from the street yet buffered from activity, its elevated podium features a 27,000SF garden that supports the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings.

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