ASLA-NY Joins the Rise to Resilience Coalition

February 4, 2024 / ,

ASLA-NY Joins the Rise to Resilience Coalition

ASLA-NY Joins the Rise to Resilience Coalition

In January ASLA-NY joined the RISE TO RESILIENCE COALITION, adding the voice of landscape architects to those of more than 100 organizations in the NY Metro region calling for bold, inclusive, community- and evidence-based action from policymakers at every level of government to make building climate resilience an urgent priority. Major achievements of the Coalition in 2023 included 

  • Successful passage of mandatory flood risk disclosure laws for New Jersey and New York, filling a huge gap in both states around awareness and transparency of flood history and risk; 
  • Passage of the Living Shorelines Act in New York, which requires the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to strengthen its guidance to encourage living shorelines as the preferred alternative for shoreline protection and to define “nature-based solution” in statute;
  • Pushing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers toward a more equitable, multi-hazard plan on the region’s New York-New Jersey Harbor and Tributaries Study. 


Learn more about the coalition and their work here: 


At the January meeting, the Coalition discussed the policy platform for 2024 as well as advocacy around the Water Bill Fairness Act. The Coalition also recently learned that New York and New Jersey have now officially invoked Section 8106 to the Army Corps Headquarters, requesting that the Corps further refine their preferred alternative. 

In other climate-related news ….

Landscape architects at COP 28 

CAC member Catherine Seavitt’s report from COP28:


Traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), Local Communities and Indigenous People’s Platform (LCIPP), and the role that this knowledge will play in decarbonization and a just transition.rned from her elders.


President Lula da Silva gave a fantastic speech at the opening sessions—Brazil will host COP30 in Belem, and Lula announced his forest fund and ambitious plans by the environmental minister Marina Silva to not only halt deforestation but also embark on a massive tree-planting plan, seeking to reverse the impact of his predecessor Jair Bolsonaro while also addressing inequality. 


I attended a fantastic session in the Penn pavilion organized by Scott Moore, entitled “Decarbonizing Defense.” Of great interest to me as I serve on the US Army Corps of Engineers’s Environmental Advisory Board (a subcommittee of the Army Science Board) and am working on an advisory paper on Nature-Based Solutions for USACE. 


I participated in a panel in the Thai Pavilion with Penn’s Genie Birch and two Perry World House fellows,  others addressing climate-ready cities. Our conversation on cities quickly turned to dismantling silos for decision makers, but also the importance of acknowledging and addressing heat as a deadly consequence of our warming planet. 


Young women and youth climate activists were fantastic participants at the US Center (the US pavilion) on the Gender Justice Day at COP28. Let’s all move to 100% plant-based food!


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