national honors
Fellowship is among the highest honors the ASLA bestows on members and recognizes the contributions of these individuals to their profession and society at large based on their works, leadership and management, knowledge, and service. The designation of Fellow is conferred on individuals in recognition of exceptional accomplishments over a sustained period of time. Individuals considered for this distinction must be full members of ASLA in good standing for at least ten years and must be recommended to the Council of Fellows by the Executive Committee of their local chapter, the Executive Committee of the ASLA, or the Executive Committee of the Council of Fellows.

To be considered for nomination for elevation to the ASLA Council of Fellows, an individual must:

  • Be a current ASLA Full Member or International Member in good standing
  • Have achieved at least 10 continuous years of FULL membership at the time of nomination.
  • Have demonstrated exceptional contributions over an extended period of time.
  • Have made a significant positive impact on the public and the profession.
  • Have received recognition for those contributions from multiple sources.

Nominations may be made in one of four categories:

Any member of ASLA may recommend another eligible ASLA member for consideration as a nominee to the groups mentioned above via written documentation highlighting the member’s accomplishments. Please remember that this is one of the highest honors for those that have made significant impact on our profession. Our chapter asks that these written requests be made to the Fellows Nomination Chair, chapter president or Trustee by October 15 each year. Nomination requests are reviewed by the Chapter Executive Board shortly thereafter and final selections notified by December 1.

Each year ASLA-NY asks 2 – 5 candidates to apply for the ASLA Council of Fellows. We assist in the application process, review final applications, and submit to National. Once applications are submitted, National will review and select top candidates in the categories of works, leadership and management, knowledge, and service. The application process is very extensive – for more detail please refer to ASLA’s website.
Please note that candidates are required to prepare the necessary forms for any of the categories. If the candidate is interested in applying for the Works category (which is the most competitive category), a PowerPoint of images is an additional requirement.
Listed below is a schedule of the application process. Exact deadlines for submissions are based on national submission deadline and will be sent to candidates well in advance.
Notices from ASLA National sent to individual eligible members. Please note, these notices indicate that the member has ten or more continuous years of membership, the notice does not imply that the member has been nominated for fellowship.
10/15 Requests to Chapter President due
11/1-28 ASLA-NY Officer’s Committee review of potential nominees; Most qualified nominations selected
12/1: Notification and schedule sent to selected candidates for Fellow Nomination
1/4: Deadline for Candidates to submit a first draft of application. Submission must follow the required format found at 
1/4 – 1/11: ASLA-NY interim review of COF applications and Candidate references
1/18: Deadline for ASLA-NY final review and editing of COF applications
1/26: Chapter President submittal of completed application

ASLA-NY Current List of Fellows

(Name, Nominating Entity, Year Elevated)

Abel, Howard G. NY 1995

Balmori, Diana COF 2011

Balsley Thomas NY 2001

Brescia, Elena NY 2015

Drake, Susannah C. NY 2013

Friedberg, M. Paul NY 1979

Frieze, Charlotte, NY, 2008

Greene, Bradford M. NY 1974

Hargreaves, George NY 1999

Hawks, Richard S. NY 2000

Hollander, Edmund D. NY 2009

Hopper, Leonard J. NY 1994

Corner, James NY 2018

Kamp, David NY 2007

Key, Robin NY 2018

Kuhl, William B. NY 1996

LaGuardia, Christopher NY 2015

Lavallee, Andrew NY 2014

Mathews, Kim NY 2016

Morrison, Mark K. NY 1997

Nielsen, Signe NY 2002

Nolan, Chris NY 2014

Orff, Kate NY 2019

Parisi, Rick A. NY 2009

Phillips, Karen A. NY 1998

Quennell, Nicholas NY 1987

Rolland, Peter G. NY 1982

Rothschild, Peter NY 2004

Sawyer, Brian NY 2019

Shirvani, Hamid NY 2000

Smith, Adrian NY 2018

Smith, Ken  2012

Smith, W. Gary COF 2013

Starr, Laura NY 2015

Stein, Achva Benzinberg NC 2003

Van Valkenburgh, Michael R. BOT 1994

Walcavage, Donna NY 2010

Weintraub, Lee NY 2006

White, Henry M. III NY 2012

Wilks, Barbara E. NY 2010

Wilkus, Annette P. NY 2013

Woltz, Thomas L. NY 2011

Zimmerman, Christian NY 2009