At Every Scale

September 24th 9am-1:30pm
September 25th  1pm-6:00pm

The events of 2020 have exposed critical issues of social justice and health equity that are embedded within the built environment. It is clear that our professions face a broad range of challenges for the future. Are planners, architects and landscape architects equipped to make measurable and positive change? 

This multi-disciplinary conference seeks to examine how current events have shaped Public Health, Transportation, and Technology, and how the allied professions can aid our communities in moving forward.. We will explore how these components of society are understood at the neighborhood level all the way to the global scale, because now more than ever each discipline must work to address the social and environmental implications for the future at all scales. The conference will engage government officials, practitioners, and researchers in discussions about the relationships between scales and the methods of practice used across our professions. 

6 AICP CM Credits (approved)
6 LACES Credits (approved)
6 AIA Credits (pending)

We hold this conference at a time like no other.  Given this, as part of the registration process, attendees can choose to have 10% of thier registration fee donated to one of the following organizations.  Attendees can also choose to opt out.

Trees New York’s mission is to plant, preserve, and protect New York City’s urban forest through education and community participation.  Trees New York has over 40 years of experience in community tree planting, stewardship, and education projects.

We are Black urban planners, architects, artists, activists, and designers working to protect and create Black spaces. Our work includes a range of activities from engagement in historically Black neighborhoods, to hosting cross-disciplinary convenings and events.

Conference Planning Committee:

Annie Bergelin
Maxwell Sokol
Diane Sferrazza Katz
Renee Dillon
Elizabeth Moskalenko
Viktoria Diskina
Gregory Haley
Jessica Morris
Jonathan Crocca
Matthew Cunningham
Gloria Lau
Sean Scott