This year for our President’s Dinner we will be hosting an online raffle with several opportunities to win great prizes. Browse the products listed below – be sure to click on links to learn more about the products.

Raffle Details:

  • Select the items you would like to purchase raffle entries for and make payment through Raffle River.
  • You can buy as many tickets as you would like AND there are discounts for multiple tickets! 
  • Additional raffle tickets can be purchased during the dinner online and by speaking with our sponsors
  • Winners will be announced at the dinner and the next day via our website and email announcement

Proceeds from the raffle will go towards a future ASLA-NY Headquarters / NY Center for Landscape Architecture as well as advocacy, scholarships and chapter archives.

Enter Now Below!

Thank you to our generous sponsors for donating these great prizes!

Raffle Items

Item #1: Unilock Package

Start your backyard project with this amazing collection from Unilock including:

4 bundles of UNILOCK® Umbriano pavers & UNILOCK® Sunset firepit

($5400 value!)

Item #2: Landscape Forms Bench

Add a lovely 72″ Palisade Bench to your yard, patio or project

($2400 value and includes tri-state area shipping))

Longshadow Raffle

Item #3: Longshadow Planter

This Vintage Longshadow Munstead 15 Planter, with ancient Ionian Scrolls is inspired by the work of Gertrude Jekyll.  Her planter designs were based on elegant, thick walled Mediterranean/ Roman planters from thousands of years ago. With its 15” height, 21” diameter and weighing 139 pounds, this Munstead 15 is very pleasantly aged and the perfect addition to any classic garden.

($850 value!)

Item #4: Landscape Architect Book Bundle

Bundle of recently published autographed books by our own members including:
Toward an Urban Ecology by Kate Orff
The Good Garden: The Landscape Architecture of Edmund Hollander Design, by Edmund Hollander, Anne Raver
Thomas Balsley: Uncommon Ground
The Inspired Landscape by Susan Cohen
Martha Schwartz Partners – Landscape Art and Urbanism

About the Books (all books autographed by author)

Toward An Urban Ecology by Kate Orff
Part monograph, part manual, part manifesto, Toward an Urban Ecology reconceives urban landscape design as a form of activism, demonstrating how to move beyond familiar and increasingly outmoded ways of thinking about environmental, urban, and social issues as separate domains; and advocating for the synthesis of practice to create a truly urban ecology. The book depicts a range of participatory and science-based strategies through the lens of SCAPE’s practice, featuring projects, collaborators, and invited essays on urban ecological design.

The Good Garden: The Landscape Architecture of Edmund Hollander Design

Written by Edmund Hollander, Anne Raver

Crisp hornbeam hedges lining a country drive and throwing geometric shadows on the gravel below. Decadent cascades of fragrant wisteria spilling over a stone pergola. Rustling leaves along an allée of delicate crepe myrtle trees. Waving blossoms of roses, sage, and hydrangeas—along a salty shoreline. Edmund Hollander Landscape Architects creates gardens filled with unexpected textures, colors, and sounds meant to appeal to all the senses, inviting us to truly live in the landscape.

This volume presents dozens of gorgeous estate gardens throughout the Northeast, approached thematically; individual sections reveal how components such as gateways, paths, pool terraces, bosques and groves, walls, and borders contribute to lush garden rooms, windblown seaside gardens, calming meadow gardens, intricate formal gardens, and shady tracts of woodland. Over 300 color photographs of beautiful properties in the Hamptons, Connecticut, and upstate New York provide glimpses of the best garden design happening today while breaking down its ideas for the home gardener.

Thomas Balsley: Uncommon Ground

Thomas Balsley is a renowned American landscape architect whose New York City based studio is responsible for some of the most notable and awarded spaces internationally and in the United States. Thomas Balsley: Uncommon Ground is a collection of selected projects that display the sweeping range of his work over the past twenty-five years. Public and private parks, plazas, campuses, and waterfronts attest to the extraordinary level of design excellence that has defined his international reputation and that of his firm, Thomas Balsley Associates. Featured projects include NYC’s Hunter’s Point South, Dallas’ Main Street Garden, Cleveland’s Perk Park and Tokyo’s Gate City.

Working within the margins of the city grids on scraps of land and post-industrial waterfronts, his unique fusion of nature, culture, and process have produced vibrant public spaces, urban miracles both large and small, provocative and sublime, and have established him as a leader and champion of the sustainable and livable urban environment. Balsley Park on Manhattan’s 57th Street has been named in his honor, a testament to his design contributions to the public realm. Along with popular and cultural acclaim, Balsley has also recently been selected to become the thirteenth recipient of the coveted ASLA Design Medal, in recognition of an individual’s sustained design excellence.

The Inspired Landscape: Twenty-One Leading Landscape Architects Explore the Creative Process, by Susan Cohen

The Inspired Landscape explores the creative process of outstanding landscape architects through their most celebrated projects. Susan Cohen, the founder and director of the acclaimed Landscape Design Portfolio Series at New York Botanical Garden, illustrates the creative path taken by landscape architects like Mikyoung Kim, whose design for the Crown Sky Garden in Chicago was inspired by the interplay of music and nature. And Cornelia Oberlander, whose vision for the form of a Vancouver green roof was drawn from a Karl Blossfeld photograph of a gently undulating orchid leaf. With original sketches, plans, and photographs, this book is an extraordinary journey through the creative process.

Martha Schwartz Partners Landscape Art and Urbanism

Martha Schwartz Partners – Landscape Art and Urbanism is the first publication to cover all built projects and masterplans by Martha Schwartz Partners (MSP). This book is not available in the U.S.